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December 18, 2018

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Bermuda's Political Future

"UBP, tough luck. PLP, great job on getting in, but I believe that I will once more be saying "tough luck", but this time, when elections start rolling around again, it will be directed to you.
Really, what happened? You did very little of what you said you would do in your campaign. Taxes have skyrocketed for middle-income families and those with lots of children. You specifically said that taxes would not be raised, did you not? Hmm, interesting.
The recent flux of spending is even worse. WE HAD A BALANCED BUDGET BEFORE YOU CAME IN!!!!! Now look at us. We're spending MILLIONS of extra dollars on pampering our beloved leaders. Who are they again? YOU!!!!!!!!!!! New cars, flights to exotic countries, houses, overdone security.... You name it, you've wasted money on it. Great job, and tough luck."
-Future voter and future competition, 30/3/01

"I wish to reiterate the above comment, but without a style that suggests yelling (no offense though). I would love to hear a response from a PLP member, however, about the validity of their assumption that Bermuda's economy is (and was) in need of stimulation via increased government spending. I mean, there wasn't a significant amount of unemployment and per capita output was increasing steadily anyway before your spending binge. If you're not careful, won't it only result in inflation? That is surely not your intenion..."
"P.S. The increase in taxes, according to economics, will not balance out the increase in government spending to cancel out the economic effects. An increased tax/increased government spending move will only decrease national savings. This, again, is surely not your intention..."
-Keynesian, 19/5/01